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Thalaspheres gel

Thalaspheres gel


Moisturizing collagen gel

Revitalizes dry, tired skin. Biological active components made from thalaspheres with borage oil, vitamin E and collagen provide elasticity and counteract skin aging and wrinkle formation. Soy protein fractions stimulate the oxygen change in the cells. Ginseng and witch hazel invigorate and refresh.


  • use

    Apply twice a day as a serum and massage in, then apply the usual care cream.

  • Main active ingredients

    Hamamelis Virginiana; Soy protein; Ginseng extract; Vitamin E; Borage; Collages

  • Base price

     50 ml  (118, -     €  / 100 ml)

    100 ml  (  87.00       /  100 ml)

    250 ml  (  65.60  € / 100 ml)

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