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Pigmentflecken Gel Fuhlendorf

Pigment spots gel

SKU: 10068

For the treatment and reduction of pigment spots


Has a reducing effect on age-related spots and pigmentation caused by sun exposure. Natural alfahydroxy acids stimulate cell renewal. Kojico acid prevents the tyrosinase and together with keratolysis - lactic acid and licorice extract the necessary bleaching effect is achieved.

  • use

    After cleaning, apply a thin layer to the affected areas twice a day.

  • Main active ingredients

    Arbutin; Keratolytic lactic acid; Acifructol P63; Licorice extract; Kojico acid

  • Base price

     50 ml  (72, -   € / 100 ml)

    100 ml  (  54.00   € / 100 ml)

    250 ml  (  43.60  € / 100 ml)

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