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Derma Repair Anti Age Creme Fuhlendorf


SKU: 11104

Anti-inflammatory skin care cream


The ideal care for all skin types. Active ingredient extracts from wheat germ oil, shea butter, calendula and linden stimulate cell activity, have an anti-inflammatory effect, soothe the skin and give it the necessary moisture. Also for acne patients, rosacea, neurodermatitis and dandruff.
  • use

    In the morning &  Apply to face in the evening after cleansing.

  • Main active ingredients

    Wheat germ extract; Calendula extract; Linden tree; Shea butter; Licorice Root Extract; D-panthenol; Vitamin E; UV filter 8.7%, Eashave

  • Base price

    50 ml (152, - € / 100 ml)


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