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Dermapeel  Enzympeeling Fuhlendorf

Dermapeel 10 x 5ml

SKU: 11103

Enzyme-based skin peeling


The fruit acid  of pineapple extract and  the high proportion of vitamin C.  Papaya soften and loosen the skin. Vitamin E regulates the pH value of the skin and makes it more resistant to external influences.

  • use

    Cure application Dermapeel: apply thinly with a brush, leave on for 10 minutes, then remove with a lukewarm compress.

    1 ampoule is sufficient for approx. 3 applications.

    Store in a cool place after opening.

  • Main active ingredients

    Pineapple; Papain

  • Base price

     50 ml  (178, - € / 100 ml)


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