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Crio Gel Kühlend Celllulite Fuhlendorf

Crio Gel

SKU: 10040

Cooling cellulite killer


Cellulite is counteracted by the purifying and decongesting effect of the horse chestnut. Green tea and caffeine extracts stimulate the metabolism of fat cells and the removal of waste products. Menthol (cooling) also promotes this process with its blood circulation-stimulating effect. Vitamins B and C stimulate blood circulation and regulate the pH of the skin. Essential oils promote the suppleness of the skin, promote elasticity and lastingly tighten the body silhouette.

  • use

    1-2 times a day  Apply to the affected areas and massage in. Refreshing, pleasantly cooling effect.


  • Main active ingredients

    Chestnut extract; Vitamins B and C; Green tea; Caffeine; Menthol (cooling)

  • Base price

    200 ml  (36, -  € / 100 ml)

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